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08 Jul 2013
Telephone numbers are generally designated to businesses dependant on their location though it all depends of course on the telecoms company they will use to supply their landline numbers and business telephone services. The benefit of having a local number demonstrates to suppliers and customers where you're based though this could sometimes be viewed as a disadvantage. Often businesses will want to change their phone number or add more ones including 0207 or 0203 numbers.

0203 and 0207 telephone numbers are London telephone numbers and so many individuals will recognise the prefix and imagine that the company is based in the centre of the capital. However this isn't always true as businesses can purchase these numbers should they be based outside of London or perhaps outside of the UK. So why would a business want to do this?

Primarily using a London telephone number may afford the business some prestige because it appears that they're operating from a major city - this could have an advantage for overseas businesses that wish to appeal to customers as having a UK connection or office when in fact they are running their operations from another country.

London phone numbers like 0203 will also give smaller businesses the opportunity seem greater than they are as it can make it look as if they've an office in London even when they aren't physically situated there.

Choosing different phone numbers may enrich business marketing campaigns as they can designate certain numbers to particular campaigns to evaluate the response rate and overall impact from the strategy.

The advantage of these geographical numbers is that they may be diverted to a chosen mobile or landline number, enabling the company to take calls no matter where they are located. This flexibility will probably be great for small companies and those that are on the move as it lets them a certain amount of continuity and provides a disaster recovery contingency when the normal landline fails.

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