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03 Jul 2013
Direct mail is the branch of marketing that is responsible for items sent in the post. This could be everything from postcards to leaflets, response forms and catalogues - basically they are printed material that can encourage people to learn more information about the product, service or business they're promoting.

To make direct mail campaigns as effective as possible there are some tips you are able to follow:

Firstly you should understand the potential audience so you don't waste money promoting something to individuals who'll not believe it is useful. For example if you're marketing insurance to the over 50s you will need to be sure that your direct mail advertising is targeted at seniors. This will involve some research into demographics to actually are posting items to the best population.

Secondly it is essential to get your direct mail distribution prepared to enable you to be efficient and economical together. Trying to send out 1000s of brochures, letters or flyers yourself could lead to a hefty postage bill but using a specialist direct mailing provider who specializes in the distribution of direct mail permits you to reap the benefits of their discounts and bulk mail services.

Thirdly, when producing and managing direct marketing strategy it's going to be vital that you have some method to measure the success of the campaign to help you detect whether it's has been worth it and if you're to do it again down the road what elements you would change or maintain the same. Many businesses will opt for a unique phone number in direct mail campaigns so that they can then monitor how many phone calls they get resulting from that advertising. This is necessary with regards to justifying the spend as well as shaping future campaigns.

Finally if you are planning to get involved in mailing your target market you will need to get a professional mailing house on board so that you can use their expertise to optimize the efficiency of the direct mail tasks. is a good source of information for further reading.


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