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03 Mar 2013
There's good news for any individuals who love or hate direct mail - print isn't dead. In fact it may be said that print is having a resurrection as the industry has been predicted to develop by around 2-3% within the coming few years. Printed materials still take into account approximately 85% of revenue for printers although many of them have transgressed into web marketing as well, it is good to know that these businesses are still making most of their turnover through printed materials. So exactly what does this imply to the direct mail industry?

It has to be good news simply because direct mail campaigns depend heavily on the printing of leaflets, flyers, brochures and postcards to encourage new customers with promotions and promote customers’ products and services. Some of the main features of mail is it is tactile ,colourful and yes it doesn't rely on access to the internet to be received. Now this may sound strange in a world where everyone appears to be tied at the hip to a smartphone and tablet pc, but in actual fact it is possible to find a lot of people who don’t use the internet every day and for whom postal advertising is still the most reliable kind of marketing.

Not surprisingly a direct mail campaign doesn't need to be standalone, in reality it might be far more effective when combined with internet marketing tactics like social internet marketing because this way a wider audience is available and also the marketing message enhanced. Often businesses will see that combining the original ways of marketing with the modern ones will yield the best results and help increase brand awareness amongst a wide target audience.

Direct mail campaigns are a great way to reach this target audience and internet marketing methods for instance SEO, social media and email marketing are fantastic at backing up this initial contact and enabling potential customers to interact with the company.

So simply by using a blend of the old with the new it is easy to realise why direct mail services may still be highly in demand even in this digital age.


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