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27 Feb 2013
These days there is much more of a focus on flexible working in relation to working hours plus the locations where people can work. The availability of laptops and pc tablets mean that people don't always have to be sat at the same desk day after day to finish their job effectively. Businesses are often required to therefore feature an agile working place where employees can function using hot desking or other flexible working arrangements.

Agile working is dependant on the thought that it is more significant what you do than the place you do it. This signifies that any business that wishes to embrace agile working will need to ensure their office layout can support a more flexible working style. This might include touch-down desks where people who find themselves only in the office briefly can set up their laptop or round tables that encourage meetings and collaborative working.

The concept of working in a more agile fashion also lends itself to informal working areas, filled with soft seating and low tables to inspire workers to work together and discuss ideas. Team working is key to agility and this can result in greater productivity as employees discuss ideas and check each other’s work to ensure that high standards are preserved. This is simpler for them to achieve when they have an adequately designed workplace.

Space planning will be an essential concept and one that will ensure office interiors reflect the ability to work in an agile manner. By having the most effective use from the available space businesses can ensure they are able to accommodate static and flexible working options next to each other.

Great communication is an additional important feature to agile working practices so workplaces will have to be designed and furnished in a manner that individuals can readily chat with one another. This means plenty of businesses now prefer an open plan layout instead of hiding people away in separate offices.


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