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08 Feb 2013
Our eyes can observe physical objects in 3 dimension, however a large number of digital cameras only take a 2 dimensional picture. Yet, photographers can now create 3d images by taking two shots - one offset to the left to be seen by the left eye then one offset off to the right to be viewed by the right eye. Although 3d photography has existed for a number of years, companies are using 3d product images progressively more to permit customers to see pictures of products in the most beneficial form.

It's considered that having a 360 degree product view photo on a website will encourage website visitors to take a closer look at a certain product in significantly more detail than the usual regular static picture. It provides each visitor a chance to examine the product in fantastic detail because they can swivel the item to see it from all angles. This increased understanding makes it possible for the customers to make a knowledgeable decision about buying the item.

3d photographers need to ensure they've the right kind of apparatus in order to take the best all round pictures of a product. There are all sorts of solutions available to help photographers use 3D photography in the best possible way. These may include a robotic turntable kit, a centreless table, a turning platform or even a robots control unit.

The apparatus is all very high tech, so when used effectively it may create some superb 3d product images for companies to use on their internet sites. Virtually anything can be photographed - from bottles of wine, to jewellery to cars. The photographers will make sure that the correct lighting will probably be used to truly enhance the product.

Plenty of 3d photographers also use virtual photography in order to set up scenes for marketing literature. It can be less expensive than getting hold of furniture to create the image of a family living room to take a traditional photograph.


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