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07 Feb 2013
It might seem that deciding on the colour of an area is a tiny and insignificant task but determined by what the space will be useful for and the people who are going to be making use of it, the colour of a room is surely an vital decision. A choice of paint or wallpaper colour can have an effect on the mood of those living and working within the rooms and so picking out the most suitable colour for the room’s purpose is obvious.

Naturally in picking what colour to paint your office the first point of call is going to be an interior office design company who can inform you on the most beneficial colour schemes and styles to accommodate your corporate colours, how big the rooms available for you and the nature of individuals making use of the space.

Obviously colour will affect people in alternative ways depending on their age, gender and ethnicity but generally speaking there certain categories of colours that will get the same reaction from the majority of people. Take as an example the colour blue. Most shades of blue are believed to be relaxing and harmonious, evoking sense of serenity and decreasing the blood pressure and heartbeat. Blue also symbolises loyalty and could be considered an extremely productive colour which makes it an ideal choice for office walls. If you are looking to make the most of your employees and their skills and wish to encourage productivity then blue is a perfect colour to bring into your commercial interiors.

It is not just the colour of your office walls that you'll wish to choose carefully but also the material used on chairs and soft furnishings. Red increases the levels of energy within a room and may stimulate conversation, which can make it ideal for use in break out areas, receptions or meeting rooms. If you are not sure about having red walls you could invariably use the colour more subtly in soft seating and paintings. Using the colour red in your corporate interiors will encourage lively conversation and will thus help young, lively businesses to achieve their aims of generating new ideas.

In relation to office home design you will find endless probabilities of colour combinations and interior styles but if colour does affect mood there are a few you may need to avoid. For example consider yellow - despite becoming a cheery colour it may cause individuals to lose their temper or crimson, which can make some individuals feel irritable or hostile. If you are hoping to generate a harmonious working environment where people can get along it is advisable to avoid yellow or crimson when planning your interior décor.


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